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Build powerful community, connection, and conversation around Bible studies and intentional spiritual growth tools.

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Next-Level Engagement

Group connections around the Word are now mobile!

Spiritual growth happens in the context of community.  We were designed to engage with the Body.  That’s why small groups are such an effective platform for discipleship and encouragement.  What if the conversation and connection could extend beyond group meetings?  Now it can!

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Introducing… Your Discipleship Hub

Stage and engage your small groups in brand new ways. Forget the distractions of social media.  Stop hacking other solutions to drive the conversation.  Sustain real meaningful conversations around your Bible study.

Key Features

For Members

(OTD Bible Studies + Profile Available Now)

Daily Bible Study (Free)

OnTrack Devotions is the foundational study content. Engage and reflect privately on Bible passages with inductive Bible study questions. Choose whether to share reflections with one or more groups for conversation.

iOS + Android Apps -- Spring 2021 (Free)

Engage and manage your devos, connections, and growth tools from your phone or tablet. Features include notifications, dark mode (for night reading) and offline mode for use without a WiFi connection.

The Pulse -- Blog + Podcast (Free)

What does the Bible have to say about ...? Submit questions and/or vote on which questions The Pulse team of ministry pros will tackle next from the Bible. Articles. Videos. Podcast.

Prayer Journal

The personal prayer journal provides structure and space for recording and organizing prayer items, with additional freeform space for reflecting before, during and/or after prayer.

Spiritual Growth Plan Tool

Create personal spiritual growth plans using a structured tool to target areas of weakness and/or next steps in building capacity and skills.

Engage Community (Free)

Follow friends and/or add your voice to group(s) from your church -- and hear from others to expand on conversations beyond Sunday and/or small group meetings. Use the social tools in group activity feeds to like, share, @ mention, etc...

Personal Profile (Free)

Upload your picture. Manage your account, privacy, login, etc... Access your group(s), studies, and growth tools from any web-enabled device.

OTD Live Member

For Organizations & Leaders

(Paid Subscription)

Create & Launch Small Groups

Create unlimited small groups to match your ministry model, taking your in-person discipleship engagement into the digital space 24x7.

Easy Admin

Organization and small group dashboards for clean oversight, branding, messaging, etc... Create groups, invite members, mobilize leaders.

Strategically Flexible

Discipleship is pretty standard, but ministry organizations, platforms and approaches are unique. Unlimited small groups, a foundational toolbox of essential studies and spiritual growth tools, OTD Live can be staged to amplify your strategic discipleship approach.

Designed for Mobilization

Equip frontline small group leaders with the tools to manage their group, invite new members, and start and facilitate meaningful conversations. Create leadership groups to pour into small group leaders... or any layer or subset of your organization.

Communication Tools

Admin and leaders have access to create/send messages. Organization Admins can post to the Organization feed. Group members can post to group activity feeds, with social media feel and interactions (like, comment, @ mentions).

Equip Self-Feeders

Staging spiritual growth involves core skill development and healthy biblical content designed to fuel individuals along their journey with the Lord and within the Body. With Bible study (OTD), prayer, and spiritual growth planning tools, OTD Live helps to lay that foundation.

Test Drive Free for 7 Days!

Start an annual subscription for your organization.  Create groups.  Assign leaders.  Engage the Bible together.  Access and evaluate the entire toolbox.